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Today I am happy to tell you that I have created an app named `HMT` which is a multi-text editor that provides you to interact with HTML, Markdown, Inline and Internal CSS. A one-click preview means you don’t need to go to the browser to check the output of HTML code. But I didn’t support all tags of HTML so read the docs before use.

Let me tell you the journey of making this project

If you are interested then you may read it

Journey of HMT

A few months ago I was learning QT framework to use C++ GUI application so I thought that QT is the best GUI to create C++ GUI app so I thought that let explore it a library that what are the things that I could do in Qt. At that time I thought that It takes a lot of time to create an HTML code and run it on the browser so I started working on the project that supports HTML code and Markdown code and gives it output in just one click. I add many features to it and an awesome thing is that you don’t need to write the full structure you just start writing HTML code which saves you much time. After that, I find a big bug in it that I can’t export image tables and formatting things using .txt file and It is a difficult process to read and write doc files using QT because QT does not support .doc file directly so then I created my only extension .hmt

You may think that how can I create my own extension So what happens is that I just try to open the .pdf file as a .txt file so from there I found that I can create my own extension because I am controlling both input and output so then it takes me 15+ days to create my extension but I didn’t work perfectly so then I just use my logic and however it been started working but the problem is that image doesn’t show so for that I create some function which detects that were to add image and when reading the file says that it’s an image then I simply take the line and open that image using the `URL` given. Now everything works fine but a problem is that when I delete an image from my computer and it’s also deleted from HMT so for that I just create a temp folder that exists in the C drive and if you delete the image then also you can access it.

But Currently, It needs more updates so If anyone interested then he/she can contribute to this project

Contribute to this Project

Read the contributing.md to know that how can you contribute to this project also read the readme.md

The one who stole/sell the app got punished

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